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Renowned Authority on Thought Leadership

A Creative Thinker by birth, Amar has honed his creative energies and cerebral skills to evolve in to a seasoned Transformationalist. This, combined with a proven track record of four decades of meritorious service in the military, during which he rose to the rank of Major General in the Indian Army – the fourth largest Army in the world – has energized him in to a thoroughbred professional who personifies Thought Leadership.

He believes that ‘Goodness is greater than Greatness’ and lives by his convictions. When asked to describe himself, he sums it up succinctly in three words; IDEATIONINTEGRITY (he likes to say that Integrity is his middle name) – INDIAN-NESS. His life is premised on three S’s ; Seva, Sadgi and Sachai, Hindi words for Selfless Service, Simplicity and Truthfulness. Truly a Global Citizen, he genuinely respects all cultures and people, plugging-in to the innate divinity, goodness, compassion, integrity, positivism and goodness of all humans.

As a ‘Transformationalist’, he leverages his KESA3s (Knowledge, Experience, Skills, Abilities, Aptitude & Attitude) to energize and transform the organizations he works for; so as to empower them for the future. Having carved an amazing and highly successful career path for himself, acquiring a wide range of competencies and specializations in the process, he is now fully engaged in helping people around the globe to create a bright and empowering future for themselves through judicious transformational change, fuelled by innovative and creative thinking and a ceaseless quest for excellence.

His Individual Work Ethic is characterized by complete dedication to the work at hand, spreading positive energy, being empathetic and forever curious. He is constantly challenging ingrained mindsets, fearlessly embracing meaningful change, being unconventional and primed for the future. Adding Value to everything that comes his way is an absolute must. He capitalizes on thought leadership, ideation, integrity and hard work to lead, motivate and synergize his teams so as to ‘deliver’ timely and efficient performance. He can be a powerful transformational force in your life ; just try him out.

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