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As  a guide and a philosopher to channelize you on to the path of success, Amar as a life coach makes an endeavour to show you the correct direction.  He is characterised by the uniqueness of his training methodologies, compassion and patience which leads to a guru-shishya (teacher – student) relationship. This ultimately leads to happiness through resolution of issues ranging from career, time management, wealth management, honing of soft skills, self-motivation to name a few.  The list of problem areas that he addresses have been listed below.

Consultancy, Advocacy, Advisory, Counselling and Guidance


Career Guidance

Indian Defence Acquisitions/Procurements

Disaster/ Emergency Management

Everyday Life Problem Solving (Life Coach)

Personal Financial Planning

Tourism, Travel and Sight Seeing – India

Conduct of Learning Modules ( One Day One Topic)

General Subjects Defence & Military Subjects
Leadership Capability Development
Inspiration & Guidance Defence Acquisition & Procurement – India
Motivation Strategy Lessons
Greatness of Indian Culture Operational Art
True Indian-ness/ Bhartiyata Manoeuvre Warfare
Spirituality & Divinity Military- Media Engagement
Soft Skills (Grooming, Manners & Public Etiquette) Peace and Conflict Resolution
Human Resource Management & Development Role of Military in Disaster / Emergency Management
Organisational Transformation Future of Warfare
Personal Finance Management  

Tourism & Hospitality India


Bed and Breakfast

Hotel Bookings

Sight Seeing

Planning Tours & Trips

Method of consultation

Interactions (primarily through, chat, email & voice)

Face to Face interactions will depend on the physical availability. Alternatively, Skype video sessions will be organised on a case to case basis.